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The Tangerine Art Company

Artwork by John Marc Allen

Bold, colourful, expressionistic, pop art that engages both the fine artist and the inner geek.


I have always been interested in the way popular culture shapes the world around us, and my work reflects the influence of films, music, television, comic books and more on the way we look at and are inspired by the things created keep us entertained, as well as tapping into themes of nostalgia and elements of humour.

I started out as a painter, exploring American Abstract Expressionism, elements of which I still use in my work today, and also use other mediums such as print and digital, a means of working I feel is very appropriate in the modern world, one which allows me to create and have my work seen by a large audience at the touch of a button. My work is very much informed by the early Pop Art pioneers from Britain and America, who brought art to the masses and showed the world that the ordinary everyday can be beautiful.

I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University and have shown work in the Edinburgh Festival, at the Affordable Art Fair in London, and at shows in Manchester, Liverpool and in Blackpool, including part of the Culture Shops Project. As The Tangerine Art Company I have been to conventions and fairs around the country to showcase my work.

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