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You Say You Want A Revolution

'You Say You Want A Revolution' was a joint exhibition held over two venues in Blackpool during April 2014. 


Ever since I was a student I have used song titles and song lyrics as titles for my work. Usually this comes after the work is finished and the title can either be a throw away joke, mean nothing at all, or used to give the work an extra layer for the viewer to interpret.

For this group of work I decided to use the song titles as a starting point and create a body of work influenced by one album. I chose The Beatles iconic ‘White Album’, a record full of vivid imagery and unusual characters. Some of the pieces are more literal in their use of the source material, some more abstract.

Titles (Top Row left to right):

And Moscow Girls Make Me Sing And Shout

Number 9

Won't You Come Out To Play?

In Case Of Accidents He Always Took His Mom

The Man In The Crowd With The Multicoloured Mirrors On His Hobnail Boots


(Bottom Row left to right)

You May Be A Lover But You Ain't No Dancer

Into The Light Of A Dark Black Night

But You'll Have To Have Them All Pulled Out After The Savoy Truffle

Your Inside Is Out And Your Outside Is In

Can You Take Me Back Where I Came From


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