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How I Learned To Stop Worrying

The nuclear bomb has been an ever present shadow over the world for over 70 years and is as relevant in the sphere of politics and war as it has ever been. The project was conceived around 2020, and in the  meantime the subject matter has come to the forefront of world politics once again, making the content more vital and meaningful. The nuclear bomb has pervaded popular culture in all its forms, be it satirical black comedy like Dr. Strangelove, hard hitting drama like the BBC film Threads, Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 80’s hit Two Tribes and it’s use of the government information broadcast Protect and Survive, or the hugely popular Fallout series of video games set in a post-nuclear war ravaged America.

The exhibition includes abstract Pop Art style paintings based on images taken from nuclear test explosions and iconic images from some of the representations of the atomic age in popular culture, and a 3D installation. The aim of the exhibition is to create a body of work which is visually stimulating and also thought provoking and informative. Although it includes some of the history and science of the atomic bomb, the artwork is a distillation of the ideas of the Atomic Age through my viewpoint, slightly cynical, darkly humourous, and informative.

The exhibition has been displayed twice, firstly in August 2022 and subsequently in May 2022, in the Alternative Gallery Space run by HIVEArts at Hive in Blackpool. 

This gallery is a representation of the catalogue created for the exhibition.
Physical copies are available from

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